Online handball betting

Online handball betting

Online handball betting has been around for a long time. The sport itself appeared in Germany in the 19th century.

The Germans combined two popular sports, Koningsbergball and Raffball. The game soon caught on in Denmark (then still a kingdom). The Danes found an alternative to football by playing with their hands in winter. This is where the name (hand ball) comes from.

Handball betting theory

It was not until 1898 that the sport became official. In the same year, girls started playing it. It was even taught in PE classes at one of the Danish colleges. According to the rules, played two teams of 7 people. The size of the goal was 3×2 meters and it was only necessary to score with hands.

Today, it is a world famous sport, in which many competitions are held. Some of the most popular handball tournaments are:

  • EGF Cup;
  • EGF Champions League;
  • Olympics;
  • European Championships;
  • World Championships;
  • National Championships.

Compared to many other sports, there are always many events available on Handball. The game is becoming increasingly popular, which is why almost all bookmakers offer to open bets on it.

Handball betting strategy

For frequent winnings in betting with any sport, you need to act smartly. A clear handball betting strategy helps professionals not just to have fun, but to make money.

But even when applying clever techniques, you need to keep an eye on statistics, engage in analysis, seek professional opinion, follow sports news and be confident in the team’s readiness for the game.

There is an interesting pattern based strategy for handball betting. In this sport, teams that score 8-10 goals in the first half, actively increase in the second half and easily reach the result of 13-20 goals.

In order to apply the strategy it is necessary to open bets in Live mode. The odds of the match are a good indicator of who is the underdog in the match.

Without professional skills, it is clear who will score more often in these games. Once you have chosen the matches, you should wait for Live mode and watch the game. If everything goes according to the classic scheme and the favourite scores around 10 points in the first half, you can safely open the total for the second half.

Sometimes bookmakers do not allow such bets, as this is the obvious result. Wait a few minutes, if the outsider does something, the total might show up. In other cases, just wait for the next game.

No matter how confident you are about the outcome of a handball match, always make a prediction. Gain knowledge, power and powwow in handball betting.