American football betting

American football betting

All countries have national sports that are not as popular outside their borders.
American football is very popular in many countries.

Bookmakers offer to visit their branches or use their official websites, which is even more convenient for bettors.

NFL bookmakers’ bets

The popularity of the National Football League grows with every season. The sport is spreading rapidly around the world.

Currently, the league has 32 teams that play 16 games each in the regular seasons. These games are played from September to February and then the best teams qualify for the play-offs, and these matches are followed by all Americans.

Due to the fact that the season does not last long, betting on the sport gets a bit complicated. You only have to bet for a few months out of the year, and it’s a good thing there are other countries hosting these competitions nowadays.

Anyone who decides to bet on American football should take note of the subtleties and learn the tips from the professionals:

  • Experienced bettors bet on handicaps in the NFL;
  • Statistically, games end most often with a 3.7 and 10 point differential;
  • 16% of recent seasons have ended with a 3-point margin;
  • outsiders often win here;
  • playing on “home field”, the team has the advantage.

American football betting strategy

There are descriptions of different NFL betting tactics on the net, but almost none of them show good results. On top of that, it takes a long time to figure it all out, do the calculations, keep up with the news and the teams. There is an easier option to get ahead in sports betting.

What makes American football different from other sports is that all too often the underdogs win.

If you take the statistics for the last 10 seasons, but potentially losing teams have won 54% of the time. This figure indicates that outsiders win more often than favourites.

The bookmakers know this too, which is why their odds may not be much different for both teams. Many people never bet on underdogs, which is a serious mistake (at least in the NFL).

In order to stay with a good profit, you need to choose those matches that offer more than 10 (odds) on the underdog. Although it is possible to take less profitable offers, the main thing is to do it en masse and not to pay attention to losses, they will be overtaken by the first win.

Is this a profitable strategy? Well, let’s use the example above and assume that you bet $1 each.

If 3 of the 10 games turn out to be a winner, you’ll get $16, with a betting cost of $10. If 5 out of 10 bets win, you will make a profit of $26.5 with the same 10$ betting costs.